Delaware Afterschool Network Interactive Program Map: Help Us Put Afterschool and Summer Enrichment Programs on the Map!

Delaware Afterschool Network Interactive Program Map: Help Us Put Afterschool and Summer Enrichment Programs on the Map!

In Delaware, the gap between the last school bell ringing and when parents arrive home from work has long been a concern of families, law enforcement, and community members due to the potential dangers and risky behaviors that take place after school. But, unfortunately, the hours after school when children are on their own are not just a time of risk. It is also a time of lost opportunities to help students grow and develop the skills and competencies to make positive life decisions that can lead to their future success.

Delaware’s afterschool programs offer many opportunities for its youngest citizens, from Kindergarteners to High School Seniors, to enhance their academic performance, explore and prepare for their future careers, and become active participants in their communities.

We have many programs and services to support children and families. Still, the delivery may not be consistent or reach children with the highest needs and their families in every community.

Currently, there is no centralized system for collecting and utilizing operational information on extended learning programs in Delaware, limiting decision-makers ability to understand the entire body of work undertaken by extended learning programs and their impact.

The Delaware Afterschool Network and our partners advocate for high-quality, comprehensive afterschool and summer enrichment programs for all of Delaware’s children and families. We are leading the way in developing an interactive program map of all the out-of-school time programs in the state.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of afterschool, summer enrichment, and out-of-school time programs and the services they provide. The interactive map will not only help parents connect with their local programs but will also help to identify gaps in programming throughout the state. The more we know about the landscape of out-of-school time programs in the state, the better we can advocate for expanding programs and helping Delaware’s families. We cannot advocate for and fund what we can’t see! 

Our goal is to have at least fifty afterschool programs on the map by November 31st. The first 25 programs to complete the survey will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 visa gift card for program supplies.

To make this map happen, we need to hear from YOU! By filling out this surveyyou will help us help families.